The Chainsmokers: We need to act in a Bollywood movie with Priyanka Chopra now! through SAEED NASIR


the yank DJ duo Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall executed in Delhi and Mumbai (and had planned to meet Shah Rukh Khan). Their reaction to a possible brush with Bollywood is: “Hell, yeah!”

Globally renowned track duo The Chainsmokers collaborated with Bollywood actor Priyanka Chopra for his or her music Erase.
heaps of fans in Delhi-NCR swayed to the music of yankee DJ duo Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall, popularly referred to as The Chainsmokers. The venue changed into greater Noida on Friday. an afternoon in advance, they’d achieved in Mumbai.

In an special interview, Alex, 32, and Andrew, 27, who collaborated with actor Priyanka Chopra for the 2012 music Erase, tell us that they need to behave along with her in a film. “We haven’t any plans as of now, but we’re open to running along with her again,” says Alex. Andrew fast provides, “We want to act together with her now. we have already done a music [together], so now we need to act in a Bollywood movie with her!”

that they had plans to fulfill actor Shah Rukh Khan, although that fell through. “We were supposed to meet Shah Rukh Khan in Mumbai, but because of the time table the whole lot got messed. He appears quite cool, we wouldn’t mind placing round with him. He seems like a quite cool dude who might be easy to get in conjunction with,” says Alex.

So, are they inquisitive about Bollywood films? “Hell, yeah!” they say, almost in unison.

The Chainsmokers are presently on their road to ultra live performance excursion. on the extra Noida show, fan frenzy peaked as they carried out tracks together with something much like This, Don’t permit Me Down, and a mashup of their covers.

talking approximately how each of them had been in contact with their Indian enthusiasts, Alex says, “I’ve been speakme to a bunch of children on Instagram and they have been already first-rate and excited. I had asked every body on Twitter what songs they prefer and we got [a] bunch of responses.”

Their 2016 tune closer became a worldwide rage and were given them superstardom in a single day. but, of their mind, they’re nevertheless “children” who like cool song.

“That song gave us an identity,” says Alex. “In a variety of instances with DJs, people realize their song but don’t realize [what] they look like. however then nearer became a success tune and we have been performing it on numerous systems. We felt famous for the primary time, which feels absolutely peculiar due to the fact until date, we’re still the identical kids who are trying to make cool song.”

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