Cersei Learning That Olenna Killed Joffrey On ‘Game Of Thrones’ MAY LEAD TO Another Major Identity Fatality BY SAEED NASIR

Underestimating the Lannisters is never a good idea and Cersei and Jaime proved that more often than once during “The Queen’s Justice.” (The tv show name itself must have been a tip-off, eh?) After the Lannister military overtook Highgarden, Jaime killed Olenna Tyrell on Game Of Thrones giving her poison to drink. But Diana Rigg’s badass grandmother identity could unveil one last key before her loss of life — that she was accountable for poisoning Joffrey. Cersei’s hatred for her younger sibling Tyrion is so strong that she always assumed he was the main one who killed Joffrey during his wedding to Margaery Tyrell. But the Queen of Westeros is about to finally learn the reality since the Queen of Thorns specifically explained that she wished Cersei to know that she was dependable. And while Olenna has already been dead, meaning no more revenge can be exacted against her, Cersei understanding that Olenna killed Joffrey could maybe — just maybe — change her perspective on Tyrion and Sansa.

Despite the fact that Olenna had more of a motive than nearly one to destroy Joffrey, by the appearance on Jaime’s face during the third bout of Season 7, he previously never considered her to be a true suspect in the death of his boy. The same applies to Cersei, who so single-mindedly always thought that Tyrion possessed orchestrated Joffrey’s poisoning. As evidenced by the actual fact that Jaime freed Tyrion after he was sentenced to death for eliminating Joffrey back in the Season 4 finale, Jaime clearly never presumed his brother was liable. So although he was horrified that it had been Olenna this entire time, there will eventually participate him that is relieved to know for certain so it wasn’t Tyrion and he’ll article that to Cersei.

What Cersei will do with this media though is much less predictable. While she would probably never say she herself was wrong in prosecuting Tyrion regardless, she’s really not enthusiastic about making amends with Tyrion now that he’s offering Daenerys Targaryen as her Hand of the Queen. Cersei also accused Tyrion’s partner at the time — Sansa — of being involved in Joffrey’s fatality, a belief she was still holding onto in the growing season 7 premiere when Cersei called her a “murdering whore.” So could the info that Olenna really poisoned Joffrey change Cersei’s demented brain? When it comes to Sansa and Tyrion, Cersei always needed a legitimate reason to hate them and because they are both presently traitors from her perspective anyways, don’t expect her to deliver a mea culpa for blaming them.
Yet, there is something which could result from Olenna stating the reality — Cersei may sniff out the co-conspirators in Joffrey’s fatality since Littlefinger and knight-turned-fool Dontos Hollard were the ones who helped the Tyrell matriarch in undertaking her plan. While Dontos was killed by Littlefinger in Season 4, Littlefinger continues to be quite definitely alive and hanging out with Sansa. Cersei probably already desires to get rid of Petyr Baelish (who doesn’t?), but if Olenna’s reveal in some way contributes to Cersei figuring out how engaged Littlefinger was in Joffrey’s death, she’s probably going to take a more proactive methodology in removing him.
While Littlefinger dying would be exciting for many Game Of Thrones supporters, there was something particularly satisfying about the supporter theory that a Stark would be the main one to get rid of him. However, let’s be real — besides Arya, the Starks aren’t really known for murdering. Cersei, on the other palm, knows getting the job done. So if you have been expecting that Littlefinger’s manipulative reign should come to an end in Season 7, Olenna revealing the reality about Joffrey’s fatality could make that happen.

No matter how Cersei specifically reacts to the news headlines about the fatality of her eldest child, it feels safe to expect that it will power her manic desire to hold onto the Iron Throne. Olenna betraying her back Season 4 will persuade Cersei that foes have been encompassing her on all factors. And though you might think that a person would find some solace in finding that her brother had nothing in connection with her son’s murder, at the pace Cersei is certainly going, it will probably only make her more power-crazed. So despite having Olenna’s confession, the odds of any joyous Lannister sibling reunion are just as grim as ever — just the explanation for the hatred changes

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