Celebrities Who Are Abundant More Than Our Thinking BY SAEED NASIR

There were occasions when Pakistani actors got a very low rate value in showbiz. They used to receives a commission an average income by manufacturers and directors. However now the time has changed. Superstars are getting abundant day by day. The demand of skill has increased. The revival of showbiz industry of Pakistan made me changes. But there are a few celebrities that are requiring and getting huge money because of their talent.

Superstars Who Are Wealthy More Than Our Thinking

wealthy pakistani celebrities


Hina Dilpazeer charges 2 lac per bout of a drama. As she’s gained a whole lot popularity in Pakistan so once she demanded 4 lac to do something in an event however the director couldn’t find the money for that.

Faisal Qureshi charges 25 lac per project. The primary quality of his is that even if he is doing four assignments at a time, you will see no influence on his behaving because he’s an expert professional.


Shaista Lodhi is one of the richest hosts in Pakistan. It had been she who made get rid of the level of popularity of Nadia Khan Show. When Shaista had been working at Geo, she was charging 1 lac per episode of her morning show, It’s means she was getting 30 lacs per month.


Amir acquired a 65 lacs deal of Ramzan Transmitting this past year. He has team of 80 associates who use him. Whenever he joins a channel, he requires his team along himself.


Fawad Khan is not working in Pakistani dramas as a result of movie offers. But he charges 20 lac of per advert.


Saba Qamar is one of the actresses who are too much busy in the occupations. Saba Qamar charges 20 lacs per project.


Shaan Shahid charges 30 lacs per movie.



Ayyan Ali is the richest model in Pakistan. Based on the sources she is having a lavish flat worthwhile 5 cror, a mantion is England and so many more properties in Pakistan.

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