What Causes Yellowing Of Fingernails BY SAEED NASIR

As everyone recognizes that hands are the beauty of one self. Attractive and beautiful hands makes everyone more beautiful especially women. But sometimes many people face the situation of yellow fingernails. In this article we will discuss the primary causes of yellowish nails and its own important ways to eliminate them. Firstly, we would like to discuss main causes of yellow toenails:

1. Firstly, yellow fingernails happen because of nail biting habit. This is considered to be most universal problem among teenagers and children. Basically, toenail biting is the sign of stress, anxiety and mental sickness.

2. Another important reason behind yellow nails is the smoking. Smoking is very dangerous in various ways. The ultimate way to overcome the situation of yellow fingernails is to avoid smoking.

3. Moreover, nail fungus is also the most crucial cause of yellowing of fingernails. Nail fungus infection has various signs.

4. Last main cause of yellow fingernails is the excessive use of toenail polish. It really is advisable for each and every woman to remove the nail polish after at least 3 days.

So these are the important factors behind yellow nails. In order to avoid or get rid out of this problem we wish mention few tips. First of all, it is important that person should take care of his/her claws. Secondly, women must do manicure at least twice in per month. Thirdly, if this problem gets serious then person should follow doctor’s prescription. So they are the main triggers and useful techniques for getting rid from yellow nails. As we know that yellowing of fingernails is known as to be very bothersome and humiliating. So in order to overcome this embarrassment, one who faces this issue he/she should put into action all these tips.

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