“I’m just like a performer, the party floor is my stage, better prepare yourself, hope that you are feeling the same,” Britney Spears sings in her mega-hit “Circus.”

But Tel Aviv was not ready and was not in a Britney kind of feeling on Monday night time, regardless of the pop princess dance her firmly-toned butt off for almost two hours and providing the public her greatest hits.

Britney Spears discovered at the Western Wall
Maybe it was the heat. Even after the sun set, air was heavy, heavy and relentless – one female next to us even fainted.

Maybe it was Yarkon Recreation area. A venue that, let’s not pretend, is not meant to hold 50,000 people. As the hi-tech country, we have to be aspiring to Madison Square Garden, not Monday night time in the park with Britney.
And, finally, maybe it is because Israelis don’t really get Britney.

Perhaps they don’t remember the days nearly a decade ago when Spears’ personal life was at shambles, and a evening like the last one was unthinkable. Experiencing a confident, fit and put together Brit Brit is a triumph alone and a reaffirmation of the American idea that comebacks are indeed possible.

But all that seemed to get away the group of meandering zombies who have been too preoccupied with smoking, communicating or making out (yes, really) to enjoy the show.

But that didn’t stop both of these American ladies from belting out every term to her party club visits. And she churned them out.

One after another, from “Hit Me Baby One More Time” to “Oops! I Did It Again” (a melody so ubiquitous even Jerusalem Post Editor-in-Chief Yaakov Katz was listened to humming it at work this week), Spears provided each songs her all.

Sauntering round the stage in some different coloured leotards that fit her such as a glove, Spears radiated self confidence. And how stimulating, to see a pop legend being alluring not for men, but also for women


Throughout her whole performance, within an interesting screen of gender role reversal, she experienced her man dancers following her lead. When she sang, “All of the sight on me in the center of the ring just like a circus,” she wasn’t kidding.

At one point, she even invited a male organ of the audience to participate in her performance of “Freak Show.” It is unclear whether he was prepared that participation would entail having Spears usher him about the stage with a leather leash for everyone to see, but he seemed like a good sport when that little screen was over.

Needless to say, when one goes to a Britney Spears concert, they don’t really be prepared to be wowed by her vocals. Aside from a video growing of her singing Happy Birthday to a concert goer in Singapore a couple of days ago, does indeed anybody even know what she sounds like singing one of her tunes live, anymore? It had been no surprise then, that usually the playback didn’t quite appear to complement what her lips were doing. But for a performer who spent the majority of her profession lip syncing, this is rarely shocking.

As to be expected, the set set of this Britney: Live in Concert tour included a few of the sounds off her new recording, Glory, a series of breathy, typically forgettable monitors that even Spears appeared a bit tired to perform.

However, when she proceeded to go a bit further back in her catalog, to strikes like “Toxic,” “Womanizer” and “Scream and Shout” (a track even the public seemed to love), Spears really came to life.

On a night that opened up with “Work, Bitch,” where she intoned, “You will want hot body, You want a Bugatti, You want a Maserati, You better work, bitch,” Spears spent an hour . 5 afterwards doing that and dancing for every shekel thrown her way for the performance

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