Britney Spears shaken after level invader halts Las Vegas show BY SAEED NASIR

Britney Spears’ NEVADA show was interrupted on Wednesday night after a man jumped onstage and started dance during her performance of (You Drive Me) Crazy.

A spokesperson for the NEVADA Metropolitan Police Department said a 37-year-old man was caught for trespassing at Spears’ Piece of Me concert at World Hollywood. The spokesperson said the man have been asked to leave the location before he jumped onstage.

The occurrence was captured by numerous followers on their phones.

As Spears asked the audience, “Will you be guys having a great time?” the person jumped onstage behind her and have a cartwheel before being subdued by the singer’s support dancers and security.

Spears, who was ornamented by security staff, asked, “Is something fine? What’s going on?”

The frightened vocalist was then led offstage while the man was removed from the location. The audience shouted maltreatment at him while he was escorted from Globe Hollywood. Spears later returned to complete her show.

The concert at World Hollywood proclaimed the resumption of Spears’ residency at the NEVADA location. Her four-year run is because of end on December 31.

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