Britney Spears level invader caught at Las Vegas showBY SAEED NASIR

The performer is escorted off level and is read to say “He’s got a firearm?” after the man throws one of her bodyguards to the ground.

The level rusher right before he’s grabbed by dancers
Stage invader operates towards Britney Spears’ dancers
A guy has been caught after hurrying onto the level throughout a Britney Spears performance in NEVADA.
The pop legend was in the middle of a performance of Crazy whenever a man have what were a somersault towards her entourage.

He’s then seen being pursued by an associate of the security team.

The video tutorial shows him tossing the officer over his head before being wrestled to the ground by the singer’s dancers.

Britney Spears' dancers pinned the man down before security staff joined the struggle

Britney Spears’ dancers pinned the person down before security staff joined up with the struggle

Dancers pinned the person down before security staff became a member of the struggle
The superstar, who appears visibly bothered, says “Is everything fine, what’s happening?” and was then been told saying “He’s acquired a gun?” regarding to TMZ.

She is then encircled by other participants of the security staff and it is escorted off stage as the man is bundled, attempting, in the contrary direction.

The US celebrity was performing on the calf of her Little bit of Me tour at the Planet Hollywood venue.

Police named the person arrested as 37-year-old Jesse Webb.

TMZ reported he was behaving in a disorderly manner through the show and was asked to leave, of which point he leaped on stage.

No weapons were found on him, the website said.

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