Boxer Amir Khan KOs marriage with Faryal, data files for divorce BY SAEED NASIR

British isles boxer Amir Khan has released that he’s submitting for divorce from Faryal Makhdoom just weeks following the two had a very colourful Twitter conflict.

Amir in addition has cast hesitation on says that Faryal is pregnant in a fresh Snapchat video, Email Online reported.

The couple are going through a difficult time in their relationship ever since the general public spat between them gone viral on Tweets. Both of these accuse the other of cheating in it.
Amir Khan, Faryal Makhdoom part ways

Within the Snapchat uploaded just lately, Khan said, “So me and Faryal are not together. I have registered for a divorce. I notice that she has just declared that she actually is pregnant. She didn’t notify me. I had formed to read it on interpersonal multimedia. I’m always heading to be there for my kids [if] we’re not married. We’re not jointly but my kids are everything if you ask me.”

“I have no idea if it’s true that she is pregnant or not, time will inform, however in the meantime I’m there for Lamaisah. She’s everything to me. If there is another kid i quickly will be there showing my support and become there for Faryal, but we both think it isn’t healthy to be together. It isn’t healthy for the youngsters. I don’t want my children to see us struggling. We have been officially not alongside one another,” Khan added.

The couple were married in 2013 in New York.

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