Bollywood Stars Style Eye Make-up For Small Sight BY SAEED NASIR

Who doesn’t want to flaunt smokey sight, but unfortunately they don’t really work for everyone. So the trick is to learn the right attention makeup tips that suits your eyes, usually a fashion declaration can change into a fashion faux paus. Whether your eyes are too small, too big, too close or too far apart, you need to tweak your make-up to improve your eyes’ shape. Nearly all women like their eye to be bigger and much larger, people that have small eyes can use makeup to enhance their features. Eye makeup is absolutely an art and the ones who get it done well, hats off to them. Using a white vision pencil on the waterline, curling eyelashes, and utilizing a good quality mascara to open up the eyes can do wonders for small sight and present an illusion of bigger sight. To get more detailed tips, we are in need of creativity, let’s not look much. Some of our Bollywood beauties like Sonam Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor, Nargis Fakhri, etc., have small eyes, nevertheless they do such amazing cosmetic, their sight really stand out. Each one of these divas with small sight use mascara unfailingly to open up their eye up, check them out. I have not included any dramatic eye makeup looks of these stars, just the regular every day looks that even you can test.


Sonam Kapoor:

She’s small but attractive eye. She doesn’t do dramatic eye often, maybe once at Cannes, but from then on, she has not sported any such bold look. It seems mascara is a must-have for her, take a look.

Parineeti Chopra:

A fantastic performer who does a whole lot of emoting through her eyes, she never will outrageous eye cosmetic. She does indeed understated eye make-up most of the days – voluminous mascara and shimmer shadows will the trick for her.

Lara Dutta:

This bollywood diva has got small eye which she emphasizes by using mascara and tightlining.

Frieda Pinto:

Don’t know whether she can be counted as a bollywood celebrity, but since she actually is an Indian, we wish for taking her in! She uses a whole lot of kohl, liner, and mascara to jazz up her eye.

Alia Bhatt:

Currently, she is riding high on the critical acclaim of her movie “Highway.” This lovely and cute actress has got small sight, which she boosts with lots of mascara and kohl. She is almost never clicked without mascara on her behalf higher and lower lashes.

Shradda Kapoor:

This actress has got deep-set small eyes. She signals up her eye with daring eyeshadows and falsies.

Nargis Fakhri:

This supermodel-turned-actress appears drop dead gorgeous in picture shoots and in those Kingfisher calenders. Take inspiration from her younger looking and attractive eye makeup.

Anushka Sharma:

Hogging all the limelight for her botched up lip job, she’s to let her sight do all the communicating now. Anushka Sharma offers small and very eyes. She also seems to be a mascara woman.

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