Bobbi Kristina’s stressed final days revealed in new video BY SAEED NASIR

Training video Bobbi Kristina’s stressed life subjected in new video
Two years because the tragic death of Whitney Houston’s little girl Bobbi Kristina, a fresh telemovie is wanting to tell the storyline of her stressed life.

The future biopic entitled Bobbi Kristina explores the 22-year-old’s life after her mother’s fatality and how she struggled to find herself after residing in her iconic mother’s shadow for so many years.

The film requires an in-depth check out Bobbi’s troubled final days and nights. Source: ONE
The film also talks about her destructive marriage with Nick Gordon – who was actually her implemented brother before he became her enthusiast.

Many within Bobbi’s family assumed it was her relationship with Nick that led to her invovement with drugs which finally led to her  downfall.

Bobbi Kristina was found facedown in a bath tub in 2015. She was rushed to clinic where she put in six months in a coma before passing away.

Many within Bobbi’s family blame Nick for her loss of life, with some proclaiming he only received romantically associated with her so he could easily get an integral part of Whitney’s inheritance.

An autopsy later demonstrated Bobbi experienced a lethal cocktail of drugs in her system including morphine, cocaine and liquor. But it remains unclear how she ended up underwater.

Nick was later found lawfully in charge of her loss of life in a civil action lawsuit and was bought to pay $36 million to her family estate.

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