Blake Lively Celebrates Ryan Reynolds’ Birthday HAVING A Hilarious Post That Will Make You Have fun Out Loud — PHOTO BY SAEED NASIR


Actors Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are taking few birthday desires to a complete other level. On Aug. 26, Reynolds wished his partner a happy birthday with a communal media post that features a photography of himself and her — but 50 % of her face is cropped away. Fast forwards to Mon, Oct. 23: Blake Lively put up a amusing birthday desire to husband Ryan Reynolds on communal advertising that is a bit of playful payback for his birthday silliness. Inside the heart of Reynolds’ birthday post for her, Lively uploaded a photo in which Reynolds is partly cropped out — but this time, the target of the picture is professional Ryan Gosling. Game, place, match. Lively is the particular winner this time around.

Not only did Lively top Reynolds in picture choice, but her caption game also bested Reynolds’ birthday wish. In Reynolds’ Aug. 26 birthday post for Lively, the caption reads, “Happy birthday to my amazing wife,” even though the photo is mainly of himself. For Reynolds’ Oct. 23 birthday, Lively had written the caption, “Happy Birthday, baby” for the photo post of Gosling and 1 / 2 of Reynolds’ face. For the record, Gosling’s birthday is on Nov. 12, so Lively’s celebratory post is approximately three weeks early for Gosling.

Happy Birthday, baby.

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This isn’t really the only time Reynolds and Lively’s entertaining couple antics have made admirers have a good laugh. In 2016, Reynolds shared a GIF of Lively escaping a shark in her movie The Shallows, and he captioned it, “Actual footage from the first time frame with my partner. Tried to wonder her and totally forgot I had been a f*cking shark.” It went on to become the most retweeted tweet of the entire year. It’s Okay though, since when Reynolds was called one of Time’s 100 most important people, Lively hilariously published an ode never to her hubby, but to his fellow honoree, John Story.

Once you look back on the relationship up to now, it’s full of moments where the two couldn’t help but take every opportunity to tease each other that they could. The playful dynamic of their marriage is wonderfully honest, and it makes them so relatable as a few. Come on, gushing about how great your spouse is can be sugary, but little or nothing says “I love you” quite like only sharing half your husband’s face in a birthday photo post.

Reynolds and Energetic share two daughters, Ines and Wayne, and if you are excellent jealous of precisely how cool their parents are, know that you’re not alone. April Fool’s Day must be a common holiday break, because no other Hollywood few is quite as focused on pranking the other person as these two.


Their killer jokes at each other’s charge work because it seems clear both of these adore each other. When their not offering up savage birthday burns, they’re busy singing each other’s praises as people and parents. Reynolds and Lively’s interactions on social press are often hilarious and a 100 % pure delight to read, but in between the jokes there’s a couple that appears to be pretty crazy about each other.

In reality, that only makes Lively’s Gosling-flavored birthday wish to her husband even more amusing. Hey, they’re both named Ryan, right? So, she’s not that far off base.

But the best benefit is the fact that Reynolds is probably super proud of his wife’s ingenuity. He might have made the first move when he submitted that obscured birthday picture back in August, but she had taken his gimmick to a complete new level. Not only do she crop him out of his own birthday, Lively gone forward and put the focus on Gosling, the ruler of the “hey, lady” meme.

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