Birkenhead actor features alongside Ben Affleck in new superhero blockbuster BY SAEED NASIR


A BIRKENHEAD-born actor is set to feature in the approaching superhero blockbuster ‘Justice League’.

Sam Benjamin will become a member of famous brands Ben Affleck who performs Batman, Gal Gadot (Question Girl) and Game of Thrones legend Jason Mamoa who plays Aquaman.

Justice League is based on the DC Comics Universe which also includes Superman plus the Flash.

Sam spent his child years reading DC comic catalogs and viewing the Barman cartoon series on Sunday mornings in his Dad’s chiseled in Bebington.

Sam told the Globe: “Warner Bros have made something very special.


“Marvel possess the Avengers, but wait ’til the thing is DC’s Justice Category team-up to remove the pushes of evil.

“It’s a fantasy come true to be playing a job in a Warner Bros movie. I was raised with almost all their stuff.

“From Batman to Friends to E.R. and of course Looney Music. Who is aware of maybe I’ll encourage them to write a Merseyside superhero.”

Sam has previously had functions in the likes of Peaky Blinders, Doctor Who and Little Crackers.

The Justice Category trailer will be released on October 8 and will be in cinemas from November 17.

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