Bigg Supervisor 11 a false show, I never said I am Haseena Parkar’s comparative: Zubair Khan BY SAEED NASIR


Zubair Khan blames Salman Khan for his fate inside your home.
Zubair Khan, one of the contestants on the controversial actuality show Bigg Supervisor 11, left the home, as he promises, after a heated argument with its host, Bollywood acting professional Salman Khan on Sunday. On the show, he was evicted after getting minimal number of votes among all the nominated contestants.

Later, reports arrived that Zubair took many sleeping pills. Seemingly miffed with Salman Khan, Zubair says he is going to record a problem against Salman Khan. He says, “I am going to Lonavala to document a grievance against Salman. It’s a fraudulent show. They tell the contestants what to do.”

He seems really upset with Bigg Supervisor 11 coordinator. “Salman Khan is a puppet and can party shirtless for the money. I am not Vivek Oberoi who will get worried of him. I am also not Arjit Singh who will say ‘sorry bhai’ on public media. I went in the show as a director. I didn’t know they are adding me as Haseena Parkar’s relative on the channel.”

Before the show, it was publicised that Zubair relates to Haseena Parkar, underworld don Dawood Ibrahim’s sister who perished in 2014. However, later studies claimed he was not related to Parkar. Zubair says he never claimed it was so. “Six years back, I said this live on a TV channel. My wife’s name is Sana Khan and mother-in-law’s name is Noor Jahan. I never said anything. Now, if they’re related to Dawood Bhai, you should ask them.”

He further says, “EASILY wanted cheap publicity, I could did it prior to the release of the film I made, Lakeer Ka Fakeer, by taking such labels. I never said anything at that time. This is actually the channel’s ploy to utilize Dawood’s name.”

He vehemently denies being trashed of the show. “I’ve remaining the Bigg Employer house, no one evicted me. Salman Khan threatened me on camera that he won’t let me work. There’s a saint inside the house, Shivani ji, nobody emerged to her recovery when she was disrespected. Folks are scared due to their contract.”

Out of the blue he changes tack and channels his anger to another contestant on the show, Arshi Khan. He said, “The contract says that you can’t say anything against religion. Arshi Khan is disrespecting the religious text messages. If Vikas Gupta is gay, this is his personal choice. Salman Khan talked about these things, however the only thing shown on the channel was his dialogue with me.”

He profits to the question whether he is related to the underworld dons? “See, if an individual works in the film industry, people inquire further have you seen Salman, Shah Rukh? In the same way, I have developed in Dongri, Imambada and Nagpada.”


Zubair tries to determine himself as a self-made person. “I got a kid labour in a theater. I sold ice-candies in Pahlaj Nihalani’s theater called Nishat. I have done many unusual jobs to become a director. My dad was not Salim Khan. Salman Khan’s isn’t the almighty who’ll write my fate.”

He brings, “Salman says how can I misuse someone? You go to YouTube and write Salman Khan giving gaali in public, you’ll find videos. Actually, he did it around Bajrangi Bhaijaan also. You search all the video footage and notify me easily said I am Dawood’s son-in-law.”

He says he will not go back to the show. “These were calling me back again. When I attempted suicide after debate with Salman Khan. I came here for my family, for my partner and kids. This business are only exhibiting ‘gaalis’. If I wanted I could have said him lots of things on the national television set. I said too. But they were edited.”

He also reacted to the news that the company of Haseena Parkar biopic is processing an instance against him for saying that he was the developer. “Samir Antule (Haseena Parkar’s co developer), who is filing a case against me, should go and have the channel. EASILY wanted to take good thing about Dawood’s name then why would I live with my mom! That has Pradeep Sharma imprisoned in the extortion case? Dawood’s sibling, not me. I have already been a journalist. I have done undercover analysis.”



Zubair Khan gets taken away with minimal volume of votes!
He doesn’t seem bothered by the deal he signed before entering the house. “The deal was of 2 yrs. I’d have gotten Rs 25,000 every week. After two years, I’d have become Rs 50,000 every month. Free ka paisa kisko bura lagta hai!”

He offers, “The contestants are psychologically prepared, brainwashed. They don’t really give usage of any clocks or wristwatches or TV. They get taken to 2-3 different hotels. I wasn’t obtaining a chance to retaliate, therefore i needed all my pills.”

He concludes the dialogue with an revise on his health. “The medial side effects are taking place now. My intestines are afflicted. I am having intestinal problems.”

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