Bigg Boss 2 Telugu, episode forty nine: Nani questions Babu, sets the degree for an old housemate to go back


Bigg Boss 2 Telugu, episode 49: Nani hasn’t discovered to the housemates that there might be no eviction this week.

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu, episode forty nine: Nani query Babu approximately why Geetha can’t talk her evaluations.
In Bigg Boss Telugu season 2, Saturday’s episode turned into all approximately revelations. Nani spoke to the housemates approximately the different things that befell in the residence. the person of the hour, Babu Gogineni, turned into requested why he had a heated argument with Geetha and who gave him the proper to determine who will edit the house.

Babu explained that Geetha discussed his purpose vis-a-vis Deepthi whilst he changed into no longer present. Nani asked what is wrong with discussing some other contestant. Why did that emerge as this type of large trouble. Geetha best said that ‘motion speak extra than phrases’, which Nani stated become now not wrong at all.

He then asked Babu about his misunderstanding with Kaushal. Babu stated that Kaushal’s addiction of gossiping did it. He advised Nani that Kaushal nominated him for eviction primarily based on an argument he had with Rajamouli a yr in the past.

Babu stated that Kaushal additionally commented on his non-public alternatives and his family’s picks after he overheard a communication that took place among Babu, Nandini and Tejaswi. Nani informed the housemates that they want to have a sturdy purpose to appoint someone and moves together with these aren’t suited. The housemates up to now had no clue that there has been no nomination this week, but as a substitute an antique member could be getting into the house once more.

He ended the episode through telling that the housemates who had been nominated this week could need to wait any other day to recognize who would leave the house. Nani additionally confused on the truth that every person needed to play his or her very own sport. The relaxation of it is going to be sorted through the public who watch the display and vote for their favored contestants. He additionally cited in the passing that a big variety of votes have been recorded this week, simplest the housemates didn’t realize that it turned into for the member who will enter the Bigg Boss house the next day.

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