THE BEST Showman director Michael Gracey feels naked without beanie BY SAEED NASIR

From red floor coverings to shopping at the supermarket, the upcoming filmmaker insists he never runs everywhere without his trademark accessory.

“It is just like a security blanket,” he says. “No one will recognise me normally and I simply feel nude without it.”

Gracey, 41, first began wearing a beanie 15 roughly years ago when his sister gave him one as a gift for Christmas.

“I had to get started on getting them made,” he smiles. “It is merely a no brand beanie.”

Gracey is completely a star on the rise. He flew home to Australia this week to enjoy the premiere of his debut film work, Hollywood blockbuster THE BEST Showman.


THE BEST Showman director Michael Gracey with stars Keala Settle, Zendaya and Zac Efron in New York this month. Picture: AFP
Gracey walked the red carpet at Sydney’s Celebrity Event Centre with celebrities of the film, Hugh Jackman, Zendaya, Zac Efron and Keala Settle. Certainly, he wore a beanie.

The film has been a labour of love for Gracey, who worked on the project for eight years.

“Over that period, there have been plenty of individuals telling me I will be making a short film or making some small indie film because this may never happen,” he clarifies.

“In very serious terms, there were other film projects that I turned down that received made.”

THE BEST Showman starts in cinemas on Boxing Day with Jackman in the lead role in the biographical musical drama inspired by PT Barnum, who setup the Barnum & Bailey Circus.

The movie also stars Michelle Williams.

Gracey doesn’t shy away from admitting the film takes some creativity from couple Australian filmmakers, Baz Luhrmann and Catherine Martin, with whom he proved helpful previously on aesthetic effects.


Hugh Jackman in a scene from The Greatest Showman.
“There’s definitely some Moulin Rouge within,” he says. “I simply think you can’t help however, not be influenced because of it, it is one of the fantastic musicals of recent times looked after was one particular things Baz and CM do so beautifully, they are doing period but they’re not slavish to the time at all and they make it quite definitely their own theatrical actuality.

“That’s 100 % what I was choosing, that same sort of create your own storybook world in which to share your narrative. From those two points, it definitely borrows from Moulin Rouge.”

With THE BEST Showman finally released this week, Gracey is looking to the near future and whatever his next project may be.


With so much hype around his debut effort, it will be something big.


Hugh Jackman and director Michael Gracey at the earth premiere of THE BEST Showman in NY on Dec 8, 2017. Picture: AFP
“The thing I will benefit from the most is devoid of to argue with people who say I am an initial time filmmaker, that I’ve never done this before,” he laughs.

“A lot of the things that I am most proud of in this film does it differently. A whole lot of those arguments you have is people letting you know this is not what we customarily do. Devoid of to listen to that is merely one of the biggest things ever. Continue, in conditions of whatever I do next, one of the things that makes me so happy is not having that label of never making a film before. And naturally having made a film all I wish to do is make another film knowing what I know now.”

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