Your beauty guide to get party-ready for Christmas and New Year 2018 BY SAEED NASIR

This year, experiment with your hair, toenails and make-up and make mind turn at Xmas and year-end functions.
This get together season, experiment with your make-up and wild hair.
Christmas and New 12 months parties are a time to go just a little crazy with glitter, metallics and striking colours. It is time to jazz up your ordinary beauty routine and test out your make-up and hair. TIGI educator Audrey D’Souza shares three hair appears:

* The beachy brunch look: Apply a coin-sized amount of volumising mousse on moist hair. Start using a heat protectant and blow-dry the mane. Put in a little bling by taking the top 50 % of your hair and securing it with your favourite accessory. Lightly brush the hair with a boar bristle clean to add consistency and finish by using a volumising hairspray.

The lazy-girl-turns-sophisticated look.
* The boho-mermaid look: Get the base right by applying a texturing serum. Part the hair into two and use volumising mousse for a messy, out-of-bed look. Maintain the tempo and take smaller portions using the Dutch braiding approach and secure the finish with a dark ribbon. Finish the appearance with a texturising squirt.

* The lazy-girl-turns-sophisticated look: Begin by applying power dried up on the hair for reaching good structure and smoothness for the look. Create three parts separating the back from the edges, by using a radial parting so that the front side can be easily shaped over the hearing. Start at the trunk utilizing a stuffing, and spin the hair to the nape, moving upwards within an outward way. Secure the sides and the centre using bob pins and tuck the mane into a messy bun. At the end, spray some glow spray.

Nail fine art with bold colors, glitter and metallic tones will be the latest trends.
Disha Meher, nationwide creative director-skin and nails, Lakm? Salon says that toe nail art has become part of today’s woman’s style assertion. “Nail art work with bold colorings, glitter and metallic shades will be the latest trends. Stainless nails have also become greatly popular. By using pigments, dusts and polishes, you can perform metallic nails.

Sushma Khan, countrywide creative director- cosmetic, Lakm? Salon, provides few tips about make-up:

* Air clean make-up is strongly suggested as it will give your skin layer a natural and long-lasting finish off. It is great to make use of when facing a higher definition camera as it gives a picture-perfect surface finish to your lifestyle.

* Choose from a variance of eye liners which range from colored or shimmer to holographic and apply using visual techniques.

* Opt for ombre lip area in gradients starting from soft nudes to brighter colors like cherry reds, orange and fuchsia. These will go with your outfit.

* Swap your highlighter for a holographic colored blush to get glimmer and color on your cheeks.

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