‘B**ch, please!’ Madonna will try to persuade Fed-Ex that she really is Madonna BY SAEED NASIR

Who thought superstars have such normal, regular problems? Here’s when Madonna was asked to determine she actually is Madonna.

The Queen of Pop has already established a hard time trying to persuade FedEx that she actually is Madonna.

When Madonna released her track ‘B**ch, I am Madonna’, she wouldn’t have thought she’d have to make use of those words to influence a FedEx company that she was indeed Madonna. The Queen of Pop submitted a grumpy selfie on public media, and composed:

‘When you’ve been arguing with fed-ex all week that you truly are Madonna and they still won’t release your deal??!#b**chplease’

FedEx reached away to the singer on Twitter with an extremely generic note:

There were still others who were pleased to see that celebrities also struggle with problems like normal people.

The seven-time Grammy victor recently migrated to Lisbon, Portugal after her 11-year-old child David Banda joined up with the Benfica sports team youth academy.

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