Are nice hair MAINTENANCE SYSTEMS Damaging flowing hair?

There are countless hair maintenance systems out in the market that offer great results–but are any of them actually beneficial for your hair?

The answer is absolutely, as long as you carefully browse the ingredients in the back and understand that they’re listed in order of percentage. Yahoo everything that appears to be unfamiliar and do not entirely trust brands. If we passed labels, then divided ends would miraculously get mended for one thing!

Sneaky silicones:

Ever pondered why silicone based mostly hair products assure silky textures after use? It’s because silicon is a artificial substance that weighs down flowing hair, which makes it feel oilier than it really is. It’s also found in household products like closing your windows. Is that basically what you would like to put on your valuable strands?

Killer Keratine:

Keratine–both in salon treatments and in products like serum, shampoo and conditioner–contain formaldehyde, a carcinogenic material that is utilized by your skin with repeated use.

SOS, it’s SLS:

Sodium Lauryl Sulfates don’t possess the best reputation and it’s really easy to understand why–despite their natural resources, they’re chemically treated with sulphuric acid solution. Over a period, sulfates cause irritation and inflammation to those of us with more hypersensitive scalps, and can lead to hair loss. Luckily for us, an increasing range of sulfate-free shampoos can be purchased in the market.


Your best guess is to go towards substance and paraben free products containing 100 % natural ingredients, and by this we indicate full-on certified organic, not simply home-made. In this manner, you’ll know that you’re giving hair the very best in organic locks care and hair fall treatments.

We recommend encouraging hair regrowth with a every week scalp rub. Use Intense Progress Hair Oil on your scalp. It’s enriched with Essential Fatty Acids, vitamins, magnesium lavender and rosemary, designed to stimulate hair skin cells, heal scalp irritation, and improve blood circulation. To add natural vitality to your strands, use Intense Luster Mane Oil throughout the distance of nice hair. It contains argan petrol that nourishes dried out hair and offers a natural sheen to it.

After about 50 % an hour, rinse it off with SLS free, paraben free, silicone free, sulphate free, allergen free and triclosan free Locks Repair Shampoo accompanied by Hair Repair Conditioner and your hair will thank you later.

It seems clich?d but it works–drink lots of drinking water, eat balanced dishes (fad diets often lead to hair thinning over time), and consider taking supplements like Cod Liver organ Engine oil and Biotin to help reinforce your hair. All this ought to lead to faster hair growth and long-term hair loss prevention for men and women. If your head of hair is well and truly deep-fried and damaged, go for a crop. Shorter slices are in fashion, in case you miss your tresses, you can always decide for clip-on mane extensions.

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