Anne Hathaway might be changing Amy Schumer in the live-action Barbie movie BY SAEED NASIR

Pursuing Amy Schumer’s decision to step down from her role as Barbie in the Sony Pictures live-action film, rumours have surfaced that Anne Hathaway will take her place.

Regarding to Variety, Schumer cites arranging conflicts as the reason behind her departure, concentrating on her role in She Came to Me, alongside Nicole Kidman. “The film has a great deal promise, and Sony and Mattel have been great associates. I’m bummed, but look forward to discovering Barbie on the big screen.”

What has been rumoured to be a witty undertake a modern day Barbie narrative will see Hathaway reflecting on her roles in The Devil Wears Prada plus the Princess Diaries as she surface finishes filming Oceans Eight.

Challenging conceptions about beauty and feminism, the film is said to show Barbie venturing out into the real life as she involves the final outcome she doesn’t fit into the land of cheap perfection.

Production should start shortly in order to stick to the film’s July 29 2018 release night out – one that Sony designs to keep, too – therefore the official term on if the Oscar success will play the blonde bombshell should be imminent as revisions on casting were promised via a news release pursuing Schumer’s exit

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