The Angel of Death has come to Riverdale. BY SAEED NASIR

Inside the Riverdale reports we’ve all been looking forward to, the season two trailer for the show is officially here and we’re so ready for a darker season two.

Starting with Archie rushing his daddy to hospital after the filming (we still have no idea if Fred has managed to get through!) and recounting the ominous tale to his friends, we get an instant glimpse into what Riverdale season two, out Oct, might be like.

Was the taking pictures pre-meditated or unintentional? Were the Andrews family in the incorrect place at the wrong time? Has Cheryl really lost the storyline? Are Jughead and Betty still in love? Why is Pop Tate discussing the Angel of Death? Seems slightly remarkable.

They are the questions we are in need of answered from the growing season two truck and these are the questions we are in need of answered from previous season.

Will we get our answers?

Watch the truck to find out

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