Amir Khan ‘Sends Texts Revealing He Dumped Partner After Kylie Jenner Surgery’ BY SAEED NASIR

AMIR Khan has been accused of mailing seedy text messages to a single mum where he branded estranged better half Faryal Makhdoom a “Kylie Jenner cosmetic surgery obsessive”.

Since the boxing superstar, Amir Khan and his 26-year-old better half Faryal Makhdoom began their bitter backwards and forwards on social media following the announcement of the separation, a trail of breathtaking allegations have highlighted the flaws and discrepancies in Faryal’s personality in a relatively never ending general public feud. First, cases were made by a hysterical Amir that his wife possessed cheated on him with fellow boxing superstar Anthony Joshua.

Without hard-proof proof to substantiate his assertions, the ball held rolling with media of any divorce between the few while Faryal was 9 calendar months pregnant with her second child, even more jargon when Amir was discovered with model Alyzeh Gabol at a concert in Dubai just a week after his break up, plus some more titter bitter when Amir was accused of mailing sleazy texts to an individual mom he arbitrarily met – branding his estranged better half a “Kylie Jenner cosmetic surgery obsessive” in a string of sordid text messages to her.

Just when you thought it might be over, we observed the worst coming. The tutor, Sophie apparently confessed, “He said she was good-looking until she began pursuing Kylie Jenner and changing her looks.” The single mother further added, “Amir said Faryal possessed no need for the work, then added ‘no person could have her for a one-night stand now’, which was a rude thing to say.”

Amir Khan wife

“In the end these years. I’ve always defended a cheat, always caught up around for him, always experienced his back again,” said a beat-up Faryal declaring Amir regularly slept with other women throughout their four-year marriage. However, in Sept, Amir shattered all her desires of resurrecting their romance as he confirmed that the couple was still getting a divorce. In later September, Faryal returned on admitting to her past mistakes and apologizing for all the ‘infighting’ between her and Amir’s parents, which she uncovered experienced amounted to a “terrible result” on her marriage.

“I now understand that all this infighting between me and my in-laws has already established a terrible influence on my husband and I. As well as for that, I would like to sincerely apologize,” she composed on paper. She went on to say, “My mom- and father-in-law are the elders of us and as such, should have love and esteem as much as my very own parents do. I’ve said things in the past out of anger that I didn’t really imply and regret now.”

Despite Faryal’s incessant endeavors at making things right, ex-husband Amir Khan has in the area of an individual month attacked his partner with repugnant promises of infidelity, punished her with a call for divorce, avenged her ‘ill-refuted’ and evidence-less activities by engaging in a path of relentless philandering and lastly induced a succession of troubling attacks on her looks.

Amir Khan seems to be just another reminder in our long-standing deeply questionable attitudes, who like the majority of men inside our modern culture stands accused of misogyny to a diploma that has extensively been observed in the growing Pakistani mainstream marketing for decades.

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