Alia Abbas Zafar: Priyanka Chopra was always my first choice for Bharat

Actor Priyanka Chopra has been roped in to play the leading lady opposite Salman Khan in Ali Abbas Zafar’s Bharat.

starring Salman, is happy that the film is going to mark not only Priyanka Chopra’s homecoming [to India] but also her go back to Bollywood.

Professional Priyanka Chopra has been roped directly into play the leading woman opposite Salman Khan in Ali Abbas Zafar’s Bharat.

After a long stint in Hollywood, acting professional Priyanka Chopra will once more entertain her followers in India, as she’ll be seen in filmmaker Ali Abbas Zafar’s next directorial job, Bharat with Salman Khan. As the announcement came up a week back again, when Ali was asked why he chose Priyanka to be a part of the project, he said, “Personally i think she is an exceptionally talented acting professional and she’s proved that over a period of time with a great deal of movies. [Also] What’s important is that the character of the girl in the film is very strong and we wished to cast an extremely strong actor, who are able to do justice compared to that role.”

Excited that Bharat will mark Priyanka’s return to Bollywood and her homecoming to India, Ali said, “We’ve been talking for quite some time now, and she always said, ‘I really want to keep coming back and execute a film with you’. So, when Bharat happened, it all fell in place in the immediately. This is the homecoming film for Priyanka Chopra. Honestly, she was always my first choice for the film and she easily came on board.”

Though it’s prematurily . to speak about the film and even Ali didn’t want to divulge much details, he shared, “I’m very worked up about the film. It’s a healthy entertainer, which often people like to watch when they come for a Salman Khan film. It has a festive colour and folks have reacted very positively to the name of the film. So, we live hopeful that we will put our best ft . forward in conditions in our efforts to entertain audience next year.”

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