Any other actor would’ve ceased working, but Kangana Ranaut’s strong: Vishal Bhardwaj involves defence BY SAEED NASIR

Vishal Bhardwaj has come to the defence of his Rangoon superstar, Kangana Ranaut, after she enticed several controversies before the discharge of her new film, Simran.
Rangoon was a critical and commercial failing, although Kangana Ranaut’s performance was praised.
In her mission to make opponents out of everyone in Bollywood, Kangana Ranaut has found an improbable supporter (who is not a family member) in director Vishal Bhardwaj.

Bhardwaj aimed Kangana in the famously troubled Rangoon – there were rumours of any cold war brewing between its celebrities before filming even began, which erupted in the now-infamous episode of Koffee With Karan, where Kangana’s comments up against the host sparked off of the argument on nepotism. It should be noted that through the occurrence, both her co-stars – Shahid Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan – seemed to have been removed guard, and said little to quell the rumours. Saif then had written an open notice, after landing in big trouble for yelling ‘nepotism stones’ at the IIFA awards – which Kangana responded to.

Talking with Indian Exhibit, Bhardwaj nudged the ongoing argument on Kangana’s professionalism and reliability in an unexpected course – mere hours before, a revealing Huffington Post piece painted her in an exceedingly negative light. “Kangana is a very professional female. And, maybe this is actually the right time to talk about it. When their (Kangana and Hrithik’s legal spat) personal issue was going on, if it was another actor, they would have stopped shooting for the film in the centre stating that they need to fix their mental state,” he said. “Whereas Kangana was strong, even when the advertising was writing something or the other controversial about her every day and night. She would come for the shoot and once she was in front of the camera, she was totally into the character she was playing.”

But what occurred after the camcorders stopped rolling, even he doesn’t know. “But I understand for a fact that it was a tough time on her behalf. She was absolutely professional, rather than even one day has she asked to avoid the shooting for the film. We were firing in the interiors of the country. So, we were totally cut off from the globe, and would read the reports on our cell phones only,” he said.

Rangoon was a crucial and commercial inability, but Kangana’s performance was praised.

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