Aamir Khan says he always ensures that if he is signed in a movie, there may be no loss

Actor Aamir Khan spoke approximately his commercial enterprise version and the way he has managed to efficiently work with manufacturers.

Superstars are regularly accused of charging exorbitant cash for operating in a movie however Aamir Khan says he has a exceptional model. If the film fails, he receives nothing and if it’s miles successful, he has a higher earnings proportion. The actor said he has constantly ensured that his manufacturers earn money as it allows comfy his career and movie selections.

“I think the script is the muse. I make certain that when i love the tale and the movie is in the making, folks who are making an investment cash have to no longer face loss. I don’t allow the producer to shoulder the responsibility on my own,” Aamir said throughout an interplay with creator Anjum Rajabali at the Indian Screenwriters press conference.

Actor Shabana Azmi, who become within the audience, requested the actor approximately the fashion of stars stressful eighty in step with cent because the fees and how become it feasible to make a successful movie in 20 consistent with cent. The actor explained that he does now not charge money till the movie has recovered its prices, promotions finances and manufacturers have earned their profit.

“My first rupee comes to me while the film’s value is recovered in every aspect, after the producer’s and all and sundry else’s money is recovered. That’s the model I paintings with, and that i take a better cut in the percentage due to the fact i am risking my time on that, and that i assume producers are satisfied with that too.”

Aamir believes it is the excellent enterprise version due to the fact in maximum of his movies, “If manufacturer is not dropping money, it’s miles however obvious that he’s going to sign me for the subsequent movie. this is why I usually make certain that if i am signed in a movie, there may be no loss.”

The 53-year-old actor stated he first tried this model with Lagaan in 2001. “considering that film became one of the luxurious movies of that time and changed into breaking quite a few policies of mainstream Indian cinema and that is why I felt the significance of taking the responsibility. once I come on board, manufacturers and financiers do now not query me at the problem I chose for a movie because they believe me, they have confidence in me. this is why I need to ensure the profit.”

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