7 Weirdest Food Combos For Weight Loss

We cannot discuss weight loss without talking about food. Generally, most of the meals in our day to day routine enhance the fat content inside our body.

Don’t believe that us, do you? We will enlist such weirdest food combinations that might help in your weight loss. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see such delicacies on your platter which will essentially and finally burn your extra fat away? So, here we go.

1. Apples + watermelons

Apples + watermelons

Never tried these two, right? Well, this is the time to combine them, make a salad and start gulping. Watermelons help in maintaining your waistline because of their low-fat content and added mineral deposits, and there is absolutely no better way to obtain fibres than apples. If you’d like to get rid of sagging flab from your body, this combo is your magic pack!


2. Raspberries + yoghurt

Raspberries + yoghurt

Are you chubby? Do you bring yourself with the strain of pot abdomen? Just sigh now! Absent are those days when reducing fats abdominal was only a thing of gymnastics. One of the best and healthiest food combos that will make you look slimmer in only a couple of days, is some raspberries dipped in yoghurt. The fibres of raspberries and fat-free yoghurt assist in burning the excess carb.

3. Eggs + dark pepper

Eggs + black pepper

We all know that eggs are protein rich. But we do not have had them with dark pepper sprinkled about them, right? As much contrasting it could look, this combo really helps it be a fairly easy sail as it pertains to lowering weight. Pepper is abundant with Vitamin supplements C, which when blended with the egg proteins, helps in dropping away those extra kilos.

4. Banana + spinach

Banana + spinach

Banana is a filling up berries and it instantly makes you feel full in the belly. Teaming such much food with low-fat, low-calorie and even more fibre spinach, will wonders in the process of weight loss. Spinach also helps in burning fat.

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5. Yoghurt + cinnamon

Yoghurt + cinnamon

We’ve all noticed that yoghurt is a must as it pertains to weight damage. But, it works the best when combined with the right things. Cinnamon is a good in this case. It helps to diminish the stored excess fat inside our body. The antioxidants within it can help in bettering insulin balance which eventually assists with reducing flab.

6. Espresso + cinnamon

Coffee + cinnamon

This might sound and taste odd. But the then you prepare your coffee, just sprinkle cinnamon powder in it. As mentioned above, antioxidants in cinnamon assist in retaining insulin balance, adding it to the espresso, assist in eroding the excess fat accumulated over time in various elements of your body.

7. Apples + dark chocolate

Apples + dark chocolate

Who doesn’t love chocolates? Can you envisage dipping an apple cut in dark chocolate? Again, the antioxidants within dark chocolate play a major role in weight damage. Teaming it up with apples that contain good fibres, makes slimming down appear less faraway.

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