7 Simple Yet Traditional Locks Remedies BY SAEED NASIR

Here is a list of 7 such traditional locks remedies that Celebrity blindly trusts to keep her wild hair healthy and flawless.

1. Shikakai Hair Cleaning Mask

Wash your hair using shikakai by changing your shampoo. Mix drinking water in shikakai natural powder and use it to wash flowing hair to get healthy and cleansed scalp after a rinse.

2. Amla Normal water or Paste for naturally conditioned hair

Amla is most beneficial for the scalp treatment, which also leaves hair obviously conditioned and gleaming. You are able to either use amla drinking water or make a paste from it, to wash or apply on your scalp.

3. Coconut Oil therapeutic massage for thicker and longer hair

Even your mother or granny is sick and tired of describing you the benefits associated with a good hot coconut olive oil massage for your hair. Coconut oil effortlessly moisturizes your hair and head and also helps prevent hair from getting broken, dull and dried.

4. Henna for natural dye and volumising hair

An all natural dye, that does indeed better than harm to hair. Though it might leave a little dryness behind, but it gives a natural and healthy color to your hair and gives more amount to them as well.

5. Yogurt Scalp Cover up for dealing with dandruff

Yogurt has lactic acid solution, that is effective in killing from the harmful bacteria triggering dandruff, scalp comes or yeast-based infections. Applying yogurt is the greatest remedy to treat many of the scalp related problems at home, without destroying nice hair.

6. Mustard Oil Mask for nourishing and building up your hair

If you want to treat your lifeless, dried up and brittle hair without harming them further, all you need is to rub with mustard oil every night prior to going to bed.

7. Sweet Almond Engine oil for voluminous and longer hair

Popularly known as Badam Tel, lovely almond essential oil is enriched with supplement E and healthy extra fat, that helps to boost hair growth and leaves nice hair strong and sparkly.

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