7 Lipstick Shades WHICH WILL Get You Excited for Summer

7 Lipstick Shades WHICH WILL Get You Excited for Summer


Lipstick Shades
Have a look at these 7 lipstick hues that are getting us ridiculously excited for summer season style. These beautiful colors will go with the blue-and-white stripes.

We’re already keeping track of down the minutes until warmer summer months begins. Planting season is sensing lovely, but our plans for beach vacations, poolside tanning, barbecues, and eating seasonal fruits are all-consuming. And perhaps even more than these quintessential summer time experiences, we cannot wait to start out dressing for the heat. Have a look at these 7 lipstick shades that are receiving us ridiculously fired up for summertime style. These stunning colors will enhance the blue-and-white stripes.

1. MAC Testosterone

MAC Testosterone

MAC lipsticks pipes have become truly iconic in the beauty world. There’s something about seeing that signature dark-colored bullet in your wallet or makeup bag that makes you are feeling instantly positive and glamorous. Come early july, we can’t hang on to try the Macintosh personal computer Work It Out Lipstick in Testosterone, which will come in special packaging offering polka-dot actors and neon stripes.

2. Tom Ford Flash of Pink

Tom Ford Adobe flash of Pink

Tom Ford’s Adobe flash of Red is a highly-pigmented satin lipstick with the energy to elevate your complete summer months look. Though custom made beauty products are more expensive than those you can grab at the nearest drugstore, you’ll find the product quality and wear of high-end products are worth the extra dollars.

3. Yves Saint Laurent 208 Fuchsia F?tiche

Yves Saint Laurent 208 Fuchsia F?tiche

The 208 Fuchsia F?tiche is decidedly edgy. This matte, raspberry red color exudes feminine power. With just one stroke, this lipstick from the Rouge Pur Couture collection will give your lips bright flare, antioxidant nutrition, and extreme hydration.

4. Urban Decay Obsessed

Urban Decay Obsessed

You can count on the Urban Decay Obsessed lipstick to include a playful, girly touch to any summer months outfit. If you plan on using a black romper or gray dress, swipe this baby red tone along your lip area to soften your look. Urban Decay’s ground breaking formula allows this lipstick to go on as easy as butter without ever dragging, flaking, or caking.

5. Nars Juliette

Nars Juliette

The Nars Juliette lipstick blends two of well known warmer summer months colors (pink and coral) into one stunning color. This weightless, daring, and ageless product glides on like satin and pledges sustained coverage. Fran?ois Nars, the creative director of the business, advises, “Embrace the audacious in everything, especially your lipstick color. It’s liberating, exhilarating, empowering.”

6. Too Confronted Miso Pretty

Too Faced Miso Pretty

Matte water lipstick is ideal for anyone who hates continual touch-ups, worries about staining their teeth, or desires to have the ability to kiss a loved one without smearing lipstick on their face. If this appears like you, have a look at the Too Faced Miso Pretty matte water lipstick. This ballet-slipper pink lip color dries like cement, so you do not have to stress over it smudging or fading.

7. Bite Beauty Persimmon

Bite Beauty Persimmon

If extra matte water lipsticks aren’t your cup of tea, Bite Beauty has generated a much creamier alternative. With its strawberry-red undertones, Bite Beauty’s color Persimmon is perfect for summertime. As if the color wasn’t nice enough, this lipstick also has a citrusy taste made from fresh, pressed fruits. It doesn’t get superior to that!

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