5 Signs You’re Putting on AN EXCESSIVE AMOUNT OF Makeup BY SAEED NASIR

Makeup enhances the looks of the body and makes it look stunning hence is becoming a fundamental element of women’s everyday activity.

The signs that you are wearing too much make-up aren’t that hard to identify but many are the times when you merely refuse to recognize. Therefore, a few of the main symptoms that you are using too much make-up include:

1. You may feel your foundation

Having the ability to feel your basis is wii thing. If you touch your face a few momemts once you’ve applied some makeup and your hands feel sticky or come back covered in color, then you are putting on too much make-up.

2. The colour of your face differs from that of your neck

Looking beautiful involves mixing everything super well in a way that your skin suits. You don’t want a face with a different color from your neck because this is a direct sign that you are using too much makeup.

3. Lipstick frames beyond your lips

This is the one which many women tend to be guilty of on lots of that time period. Every woman takes a look on her behalf mirror before leaving the house and also time to time when making use of makeup. Therefore, if you note that your lipstick frames outside of your lip area then you are using too much and so you should definitely level it back.

4. Spider Eyelashes

Big strong eyelashes are beautiful and stunning. However, if your eyelashes start protruding at awkward perspectives and clumping mutually, this is an indicator that you will be gaining too much mascara. Therefore you will need to lessen the mascara and that means you don’t have your lashes looking like sticky webs or jagged spider legs.

5. Everything is Accentuated

Invest the a look in the mirror and you see that everything from your eyes, lips, cheeks, all stick out, then you are wearing too much cosmetic. It will always be advisable that when you wear make-up, try to accentuate one feature at a time, in a way that you look much more natural. Makeup can truly add beauty to your appearance or make you appear to be a clown. This depends upon how good you wear the make-up; not inadequate rather than too much as well as using the right products and techniques.

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