5 Natural Ingredients That You Can Use to Lighten Your Deep Lips BY SAEED NASIR

The facial skin is your identity as it is the essential thing that someone notices about you. But if you have dark lips then it can make your beautiful face look messy.


So, what you can do to get rid of dark lip area? Well, there are a great number of remedies available to reduce dark lip area. But there are a few 100 % natural ingredients that can work on your lip area just like a magic and will show the required results. Of course, if you are feeling pity about your dark lips then it’s the time that you should begin using natural ingredients that will help you get green and rosy lip area.

1. Use tomato vegetables to make your lips rosy


Of course you like eating the tomato in a salad but do you know that it can actually help a great deal in making your dark mouth light. Well, this is possible because it contains an antioxidant known as selenium which protects your skin layer from destruction. So, make an effort to include it in what you eat or you can apply it like a paste on your mouth to get desired results.


2. Apply lemon drink on your lips

Chickpea flour and lemon juice

Lemon is the fact one component that can truly add the flavour of tanginess in your meal. Besides this, it also helps in enhancing your skin quality by lightening your skin layer build. The strong acids and alkalis present in our body hold the trend to discolour your skin. So, it is always suggested to drink a lemon juice with warm water to flush out all the poisons. And you can also rub it on your lip area with sugar to see noticeable changes.

3. You can use green tea too

Benefits of Drinking Tea


Many people consume this amazing drink to lose excess weight. But the astonishing fact relating to this ingredient is the fact that it can also help in brightening the dark mouth. The factor, polyphenols within it, fights against the free radicals to protect your mouth from the pollution. The trick to getting pink lip area with green tea is simple. You just need to brew some green tea extract and then you will need to keep besides the used tea totes. Once it comes down to room temperature you can apply it on your mouth. Which hack will also help in treating chapped and dried lips.

4. Coconut engine oil for pink pout

Coconut oil and Lavender oil


We all know about the various skin area and health great things about coconut oil. But you will be glad to learn that this wonderful element that not only moisturizes your skin layer but also helps it be gentle and supple. To get shiny lips you merely need to use it on your lip area before going to bed and in a few days, you will notice visible results.


5. Make your lips glowing using honey


There can be an infinite number of benefits of this magical component. Whether you consume it or use it on that person it will benefit you in both ways. As well as for your lips, you merely need to multiply a spoonful of honey on your lips and leave it in a single day. And next morning hours clean it off with cold water. In few days you will notice a obvious difference in the colour of your lips.

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