5 Must-Follow Beauty IDEAS TO Protect Your Skin And Head of hair BY SAEED NASIR

Here are some tips to help make the the majority of this event, by letting your skin and head of hair look the best, regardless of the chemicals and shades in the air.

#1. Dress for fun

To enjoy the festival completely, it is most significant to dress right for it. Pick a loose salwar-kameez in light colours like white or beige. Covering the body completely will prevent any direct contact with colours or any chemicals in them.

#2. Let your head of hair down

There is absolutely no way to stop your head of hair from getting damp or coloured in this frenzy. So, shampoo and condition them well on your day of the festival. Then massage hair well with petrol and tie up them up in a bun. This may ensure that the scalp and scalp do not absorb colorings too easily. When you have short hair, apply hair gel.

#3. Love your system

Start the day off with applying essential oil to your body in the morning with olive or coconut olive oil. Also, apply a solid layer of sunscreen on your face and body.

#4. Put on some makeup

Make special efforts to use watertight makeup so that it continues to be until you conclude celebrating. Apply a level of waterproof basic on that person and neck of the guitar to ensure that the colors do not adhere to the skin. And also the lips, slather over a lip guard and a good quality long stay lipstick. If you do not like dark colours, get a natural hue kiss-proof lip colour.

#5. Toe nail the celebrations

Drench your cuticles in essential olive oil so your fingernails do not absorb any colour. Then, use a dense coat of toenail color on the fingernails or toenails and put Vaseline under the toe nail edges

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