22 Things We Uncovered From Selena Gomez’s Tweets Q&A BY SAEED NASIR

You may know that Selena Gomez is dating The Weeknd, has 124 million Instagram supporters and just came with her melody “Fetish” but would you truly know very well what her favorite Disney movie is, what Television show she’s been binge viewing and what she actually is in love with about working with other music artists? You are going to!

The chart-topping songstress and Instagram superstar did a uncovering and fun-filled #StreamWithSelena Tweets Q&A prior today and provided fans some serious insights to some of things that make her tick.

Check out the 22 things we discovered from her question and answer sesh…
Q: Weirdest rumor you observed this season about yourself?
A: Currently? That I’m moving to European countries… so random.

Q: Dream collaboration?
A: Eminem!

Q: What’s one little bit of advice your home is by?
A: Treat others how you want to be treated.

Q: In the event that you could identify your brand-new recording with a color, which color wouldn’t it be?
A: A profound blue

Q: Is there a book that you read currently that you found especially important?
A: “A Heart and soul Like His”

Q: Most severe food you’ve in the past tasted?
A: Quail egg

Q: How was it to make “Fetish”?
A: It was so much fun. I got in a room filled with children. They were all on the phones.

Q: A couple of years ago, you disclosed us you found out to play your guitar. Are you considering participating in for future melody releases?
A: I don’t know. I’ve always preferred piano

Q: How will you do to not be anxious before more and more people?
A: Most of the time I am. I’m just excellent at covering it up

Q: Are you experiencing music on your tracking that have a particular so this means for you?
A: Yes – there’s one that is very special if you ask me. It’s ballad.

Q: What’s the matter that you like most about Instagram?
A: Connecting with my supporters! And filters.

Q: What’s your selected TV Show currently?
A: Game of Thrones. I done the third season last night. I finished the 3rd season last night. No spoilers!

Q: What’s your selected song at the moment?
A: I really like “Crazy Thoughts” with Rihanna
Q: Which shape from the Bad Liar movie was your chosen to act? And why?
A: Probably the mom character! It had been such a twist by the end, I really like how everything came together.

Q: What do you like the most about dealing with other artists?
A: To be able to learn from someone else’s sound and combining it with mine.

Q: Spirit dog or cat?
A: My little sister Gracie. She’s 4 and cooler than me.

Q: Do you prefer going out during the night or residing at home?
A: Depends upon my mood!

Q: How do you want to stay positive when everything is sliding apart???
A: Advise myself what I stand for.

Q: Who is your biggest creative imagination when making music?
A: My experience, people just help yank it out of me.

Q: Favorite thing to do with friends and family?
A: Eat and discuss everything and little or little or nothing.

Q: Favorite Disney movie?
A: Alice in Wonderland

Q: Favorite young ones movie?
A: Wizard of Oz or 16 Candles

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