From 2.0 to Tamizh Padam 2.0: It is the season of sequels in Tamil cinema BY SAEED NASIR

While Rajinikanth’s magnum opus 2.0 is the most anticipated sequel, other popular sequels in the offing include Indian 2, Saamy square, Maari 2, Sandakozhi 2 and the recently launched Tamizh Padam 2.0.

Rajinikanth’s 2.0 is just about the awaited films this year.
You wouldn’t consider easily say there are always a dozen sequels planned in Tamil theatre. It’s a style that has finally trapped on. There are a mad hurry amid superstars, directors and suppliers to make sequels with their commercially successful testimonies. While superstar Rajinikanth’s magnum opus 2.0 is surely the most awaited sequel, other popular sequels in the pipeline include Indian 2, Saamy square, Maari 2, Sandakozhi 2 and the recently launched Tamizh Padam 2.0.

In Kollywood, the sequel craze was presented by Kamal Haasan whose 1985 film Japanil Kalyanaraman was a sequel of his 1979 film Kalyanaraman. Regrettably, Haasan’s maiden sequel look at garnered lukewarm response at the box-office. “Sequels are usually made to profit from the success of the first part. They are considered a safe choice, however they don’t always assure success. The failure of sequels such as Billa 2, Pizza II: Villa and Pasanga 2 among others are substantiation to the fact a sequel doesn’t ensure success,” a respected producer, on the condition of anonymity, told Hindustan Times. Nevertheless, the craze for sequels doesn’t seem to perish down.

Kamal Haasan in a still from his film Indian, which released in 1996.
One of the advantages of making a sequel is the fact it generally does not require filmmakers to reintroduce people. “Have a film like Shankar’s 2.0. Chitti and Vaseegaran, both pivotal individuals of the film, are already well-known to the audience,” the developer said, adding that some of the most expected sequel in the trade circle is Indian 2, Saamy Square and Sandakozhi 2. Kamal Haasan reunites with Shankar for Indian 2 after 2 decades. The film was declared earlier this season during the finale of Tamil simple fact show Bigg Boss. Indian 2 has been on Shankar’s head for a long time. “Each and every time I wrap up a project, I used to think of ‘Indian 2’. For a long period, I wanted to make this film. 3 years ago, a range struck me and I developed it into an idea for the job. I’m glad we live finally doing ‘Indian 2’,” Shankar got said on the show.

Dhanush’s Maari 2 is another eagerly awaited sequel. On Maari 2, that may continue the floors early on next year, Dhanush said: “When we made the first part, we really didn’t think of an sequel. But when Maari released, the way my character was received astonished me. We believed we can take the character forward with a fresh story. The sequel will be even more interesting than Maari.” For being aimed by Balaji Mohan, the film also stars Sai Pallavi and Tovino Thomas. Dhanush also verified a sequel to his critically-acclaimed directorial debut Ability Paandi is in the offing.

Director Hari also exposed that he’s making a sequel to Saamy because of the attractiveness the film’s lead persona Aarusaamy, performed by Vikram, earned over the years. “Even though Saamy released in 2003, followers haven’t forgotten the character Aarusaamy, because of the impact it kept on them over time. The sequel will be bigger, both in terms of size and perspective. Vikram sir and I have discussing the thought of a sequel for a while now. I’m glad things finally fell in place and we’ve even started out the project,” Hari said. Almost 50% of the film, which includes been rechristened Saamy Square, has been completed and it signifies the go back of Vikram as the moustache-twirling, foul-mouthed, ruthless officer.

Saamy starred Vikram and Trisha Krishnan in the lead roles.
Filmmaker Susi Ganesan feels sequels aren’t always made to cash in on the success of their first parts. “If such is the truth, I should have made Thiruttu Payale 2 soon after the release of the first part. I didn’t have to hold back for a decade to create the idea for a sequel,” he said. “Last year, I was discussing the decade-long journey of AGS Entertainment, who got produced Thiruttu Payale, which was their first production venture. We made a decision to make a film to make their tenth 12 months special and I developed a range which really impressed them. I developed it into full script and that’s how Thiruttu Payale 2 was created,” he added. Despite good pre-release hype, Thiruttu Payale 2 finished up as an average grosser at the box-office.

The success of motion pictures such as 2.0, Maari 2, Sandakozhi 2 and Indian 2 will really decide the fate of the sequel culture in Kollywood. Imsai Arasan 24am Pulikesi, Pudhupettai 2, Mankatha 2, Kumki 2 are a few of the sequels that are rumoured to maintain the pipeline.

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