Nail Problems YOU MUSTN’T Ignore

Nail Problems YOU MUSTN’T Ignore

Toenails are beautiful covering on fingers and feet, it is our responsibility to keep it clean and tidy. Toenails are the first of all significant part of your personality. Your hands and nails explains to a lot about your personality and attitude. One must keep their nails clean and tidy all the times. Cleanliness of nails and hands comes under personal cleanliness. Moreover, 80% of medical issues are related and originated from unhygienic conditions of nails.

Roughness and coloration of toenails gives a glance of all internal organ performing. It is wise never to take nail symptoms casually and pay necessary heed to be healthy.

Nail care is really personal hygiene

Usually, the normal issue about nail problems happen is when women don’t pay attention towards their colored toenails. Often women leave their toenail colors on toenails for a long period that problems the natural vitality and natural health of this calcium mineral covering on hands. Not absolutely all kind of toe nail colors are fine cosmetic products and sometimes they don’t usually suit your skin and nail type of every person. It is better to work with good quality nail color as well as for a limited time period. It is not good that your toenails are always covered with nail colors and toe nail art, it terribly effects nails health and cause many toe nail problems.

1. Coloration in nails

The darkened claws can mean genetic pigmentation, if its dark grayish or renewable then it could be because of fungus infection. In case it is spreading fast then maybe it’s more serious as it usually means melanoma of pores and skin; type of skin area tumor. So never take the pigmentation for awarded.

2. Blue, Grey or Green Nails

if your nails are Blue or gray bluish then it means that tips of fingers are not getting enough oxygenated blood vessels. The blue-ish is the colour that looks when there is a problem with blood circulation in your body. It can be cure with drugs. Don’t hold on it as it might cause serious heart problem and blueness of fingernails could only be a sign.

3. White spoting

whitening spots are incredibly common nail problem in the current generation. It is mainly because of calcium deficiency. Nowadays, processed foods and detrimental diet routines are ruining the inner body organs of men and women greatly. The white spots on nails indicate malfunctioning of liver organ.

4. Rough and thin nails

The kind of nail problem where nails are slender and rough is because of iron deficiency in the torso. Inadequate amount of iron in the body cause lethargy, stress and anxiety and restlessness as well. Taking flat iron supplements, eating healthy and fresh food is a way out out of this problem.

5. Cracked Nails

Fingernails or toenails that look fine but quickly break down is the sort of nail problem induced credited to hypothyroidism. Dryness of nail and skin area, and dry hair is because of hypothyroidism. This condition is named brittleness of nails. you must take dynamic measure to control this problem as it could lead to multiple medical issues that damage interior body functioning.


6. Ridges on nails

Because of severe injury and extreme stress your fingernails begin showing horizontal ridges on upper surface that are very visible. Usually do not take it for awarded and consult your physician and also have your complete medical check-up to know the real cause. Usually it happens because of anxious brain functioning, unsatisfied life styles, severe or ongoing illness.

7. Dirty nails leading to health problems

Unhygienic toe nail conditions, germs and dirt on nails not only creates a bad impression on other person but also is a major cause of various serious health problems. It is stated that more than 85% of bacteria and diseases transfer in human body is through fingernails or toenails and hands. Working and doing household chores all day long is definitely not a good reason for germ stuffed claws and unhygienic hands for ladies. A working women whether she is doing office job or running a house will not mean that she shouldn’t need to pay heed to her sanitation and hygiene.

8. Clubbed nails

Take notice of the change in form of your toenails, if they become concave in shape then its alarming as it is usually the indication of injury and severe disorder that effects body organs intensely.

9. Layering of nails

If you take notice of the calcium covering on fingernails or toenails then it’s the consequence of any accident or water deficit in drinking water that cause weakness and effects severely the bone fragments and toenail coverings.

10. Roughness and breaking of nails

Whether you think it or not but it holds true that if your system is flat iron or calcium deficient your fingernails or toenails will give a symptom. Similarly if almost any physical roughness appears on fingernails or toenails then it means your kidney or blood circulation is not operating properly and you need to obtain a medical checkup.

Any pigmentation or difference in shape and color of toenails must not be ignored. Your greatest responsibility is towards your body, your well-being as well as your health, you should not jeopardize it by disregarding the nature’s signals of malfunctioning body organs or nutrient deficiencies as came out on claws. you must go to the doctor’s and get a total medical check-up to confirm whether or not everything is okay with your system or not. To remain clean and make your hands tidy reduces the health issues to 80%