Benefits that Yogurt Gives Women

Benefits that Yogurt Gives Women

HEALTH ADVANTAGES of Yogurt, Yogurt for ladies
Health benefits as yogurt be given prime real estate in the supermarket.

It is vital that ladies should consume Yogurt regularly. There is enough research on this subject which confirms that Yogurt has enough ingredients that produce benefits to women who take in it and make it a part of their life thus taking nutrition oriented benefits. Women got to know that yogurt has good levels of protein, calcium mineral, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc and vitamin B-12. It is for this reason that Women who eat yogurt regularly are better off than those who do not make it an integral part of their intake.

Reduction in Disease Related Risks

Yogurt eating women definitely have a quality life and also better is their life span. Studies in “Nutrition Research” concur that eating yogurt without respite helps in lower blood pressure, blood glucose and triglyceride levels — and less insulin resistance as compared to the condition caused by not eating yogurt. The conclusions are that female yogurt consumers have the ability to reduce chances of developing chronic diseases like those of the heart and also diabetes.

Yogurt helps control of intake

Due to the Protein that is there in yogurt, one is likely to feel filled up and also there is desire satisfaction. The effect is that absorption is kept within limits which also helps in good weight management. Studies released in renowned journals indicate that consumption of yogurt in the day resulted in urge for food satisfaction, better management of appetite control no urge for further intakes for a substantial time span. As for individuals who do not ingest this snack, they are likely to have urge to get more eating.

Reduced tendency of Constipation

Since Yogurt has a material called probiotics, it can help to improve digestive function. “Acta Gastroenterologica Latinoamericana” transported a research survey that regular intake of probiotic-containing yogurt helps reduce constipation – and problems associated with constipation — in women between your ages of 18 and 55. Those who were a part of this study got yogurt every day over the fortnight.

Reduction in Deficiencies


Nutrient deficiencies are avoided if yogurt is ingested with regularity. “Nutrition Research” accounts highlight that ladies who eat yogurt have higher potassium intakes — and chances of becoming deficient in natural vitamins B-12 and B-2, magnesium, calcium mineral and zinc are considerably reduced. Further it is emphaized that yogurt consumers may also be able to meet their daily necessary protein needs.