Armeena Khan talks about Role in Yalghaar

Armeena Khan talks about Role in Yalghaar

Armeena Rana Khan Interview
Interview of Pakistani-Canadian film and Television set celebrity Armeena Rana Khan.

Pakistan’s entertainment industry is backwards tide. While actors and singers remain moving out and crossing borders in search of quality and regular work, an evenly common sensation is the influx of young, enterprising young actresses who have been making outings to Pakistan for jobs.

We’ve seen Kubra Khan (Na Maloom Afraad), Sabeeka Imam (Welcome to London and the future Jalaibee) and we’ll be seeing a lot more of Armeena Khan, who is already on air with tv set series Ishq Parast. Armeena performs Bilal Ashraf’s love involvement in Yalghaar.

The Canadian given birth to, UK based celebrity is making a foray into Pakistani films, Yalghar and Reham Khan’s first movie task.

“I think I have the only glamorous role in Yalghaar,” she smiles when speaking to Instep in a short conversation”.

Already protected in Pakistan’s glossies, Armeena is a relatively new face to Pakistan’s entertainment industry but an extremely very one at that. It’s no surprise that she has been dabbling in modeling as a spare time activity but it would take many of her admirers by surprise that she is a business graduate with a mainstay in property development in the UK. Acting is something she fell into and learned an huge love for, after which she been trained in London to master the skill.

“I started working in Pakistan with a music training video (time back) and I did some shoots with Khawar Riaz,” Armeena stocks, “but in the past it wasn’t feasible to visit from London to Pakistan for modeling work. And I was more considering acting anyway, which is why I chose to pursue operating. Having done television and now working on film, one of the things I really want to do is theatre if the right play comes.”

Armeena signed up for Bin Roye 2 yrs ago as she jokes, it was meant to be her debut in which she performs the role of Humayun’s first love interest. “It’s the parallel business lead,” she says, adding that she can’t give away too much. Alas, an extensive hold off in filming resulted in a prolonged (and never-ending) filming spell and the film has still not released. Keeping herself active, the young actress took on Television serials Mohabbat Ab Nahin Hogi, Karb and Ishq Parast that is on-air nowadays.

Why does she think there is a unexpected surge in casting actresses from in another country for Pakistani motion pictures and plays?

“I feel there’s an enormous demand for new encounters because there is foreign investment getting into movies,” she responds. “You can find more works and virtually no new celebrities so there’s a demand and supply cycle, which explains why producers are looking abroad